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Unborn Souls & Young Souls Departed

For those of you who are struggling with the loss of your unborn baby or have lost a baby whether it made it full term or died shortly after giving birth, or even losing a young child my heart goes out to you first and foremost. It is one of the most painful experiences someone can ever endure and there are so many fears and insecurities that cross mom and dad. Mothers usually grieve the loss and feel guilty or responsible or they could have done something to prevent this from occurring. The first thing I want to say is that we don't have control over anyone's passing. It all occurs as it should and even though it may seem unfair or cruel to us because we are human beings here on earth this is one of the hardest things to endure. There's a lot of questions as well such as if a woman has a miscarriage was their a soul in the baby and what happened to it. Yes there was a soul even if it was a few hours in your womb or months. A soul was assigned to this mom to be to be born. However, the soul of this child either chose to not be born because it was not the right time for the parents, or the child will be born at a later time to the same parents (soul recycling), the stay was temporary but had some impact on all the family sometimes causing partners to split up to be with other soul families or bring them closer together. The soul of a miscarriage may also had to go through this temporary visit for karmic reasons. The soul of the baby may be called back as well if it knows the parents will not be together long term. Meaning some people are not married when this happens. Some are married but have existing issues leading up to the birth. A soul may choose not to be born because the birth could result in complications leading up to the passing of the mother during childbirth and it's not her time to leave this physical world because she has a family already and other children who need her. You have to understand the possibilities of why souls stay for longer or shorter periods of time on earth all depends on the souls evolution. How many lessons it has learned. You also have to remember most souls, have been here many lifetimes so although this is a new body or new baby growing inside of you, the soul has no age only lifetimes. It's not governed by a number like we define ourselves here on earth. We use time here on earth. It time does not exist in the spirit world. All unborn babies/infants souls go straight to heaven. The souls of children who pass at a young age may decide to stay here as earthbound spirits to watch over the family. They may not realize their family has moved on but they always have their personal angel from the other side there with them. Sometimes they are allowed to stay with their parents or cross over but usually they don't stay in a period for a long time as they will cross over to reconnect with their family in heaven. If an earthbound child stays behind they may give you signs like move their toys, you may hear a child's cries, giggles, laughter, handprints or footprints, see their shadows, or other experiences. Unborn babies and young children do not feel any pain even if their passing was a result of traumatic event. These souls may come up in readings and these souls if they stayed on the other side to watch over their parents on earth they can grow in heaven. Sometimes in a reading a medium/psychic may see the miscarriage or know if occurred as they could see the child in spirit or a fetus if it was a baby. Sometimes they will see colors of the gender even if the parents didn't know what would have been the gender of the baby. So let's say you lost a pregnancy due to miscarriage the child was never born but they can continue to grow in the other side so if a reader tells you they see a little girl of 5 years it could be 5 years since the child's passing or it could have been 2 years but the child has grown in the spirit world or presented themselves to a psychic or medium in this manner to let you know they are fine and okay. Remember the soul has really no age or number yes it may be an old soul but it can show itself any the way you would connect to or understand. It's not rare for mothers or fathers to see the child or have an unborn baby appear as a toddler or slightly older version in their dreams. Some parents may recognize this soul to be their child, while others may not have a clue until a reader points this out. If you've experienced the loss of a child know that they are okay and with you. We all transform and will connect or reconnect with them at some point. Be strong and know you are loved. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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