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July 2017 Monthly Horoscope Forecast

ARIES - This is going to be a month in which you find that you don't really want to focus on work but more of what is going on in your family life. You will want to create memories you can cherish and also spend time working on yourself. This could be a month in which you are finally coming to terms with your life and recognizing patterns that need to change in order to allow you spiritual growth. You could find old temptations along the way and it can interfere with your love life. Don't go back to the past and it is in the past for a reason. Reflect and take all you've experienced as life lessons. You'll feel more motivation by the end of the month to spend some extra cash on something you like.

TAURUS - You could question everything occurring in your life this month and you will sometimes second guess yourself. This is going to be a month in which you see all the signs from spirit and your guides but you will still struggle to go through with the messages you're receiving. One way to open up more to what you're receiving spiritually is to pray and meditate. If there has been distance created between you and someone else and you were hurting emotionally this month presents a lot of healing and you will also find that some of those old wounds no longer affect your peace. This is a BIG accomplishment for you and you should be celebrating but you may be focused on your inner thoughts and desires. If you're single you won't be for long and if you are in a relationship there is potential for a new phase that is more spontaneous. Embrace the blessings.

GEMINI - Whatever you're doing career wise right now will see major takeoff this month depending on how hard you are working and how much focus you're putting into that work. You will notice that your mind is racing with ideas and you have so many that you could forget if you're not careful and document them. You will also feel at times you want to do everything but you find that you are held back by some imagination going wild. Try to come back down and only use your imagination to further propel your career. You will explore some new projects or avenues and maybe expand what you do also currently. The rough part of this month revolves around family members and you may find that you are clashing with them and their beliefs. You may want someone who is still holding onto old social conditioning and beliefs to be more open minded and it is possible but you will need to be patient. You can't force them to see something they won't want to see.

CANCER - You are having difficulty right now with your spiritual path and feel at times you're being judged harshly but what you're tuning into is some self created fears that have manifested. Some people are telling you what they think and it could be hard especially if they have tuned into your energy so you will need to decide how open you want to be. Remember that your authenticity could be questioned and your emotions hurt if you are hiding things from others. You can also find that your work this month isn't a great priority like in past months and you may be on the verge of looking for a new avenue. Your greatest comfort is seeking out a teacher or spiritual soul that can help you understand yourself better. Self love is going to be necessary and it all starts with you. Do things that bring you joy and make you feel at one with the universe.