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July 2017 Monthly Horoscope Forecast

ARIES - This is going to be a month in which you find that you don't really want to focus on work but more of what is going on in your family life. You will want to create memories you can cherish and also spend time working on yourself. This could be a month in which you are finally coming to terms with your life and recognizing patterns that need to change in order to allow you spiritual growth. You could find old temptations along the way and it can interfere with your love life. Don't go back to the past and it is in the past for a reason. Reflect and take all you've experienced as life lessons. You'll feel more motivation by the end of the month to spend some extra cash on something you like.

TAURUS - You could question everything occurring in your life this month and you will sometimes second guess yourself. This is going to be a month in which you see all the signs from spirit and your guides but you will still struggle to go through with the messages you're receiving. One way to open up more to what you're receiving spiritually is to pray and meditate. If there has been distance created between you and someone else and you were hurting emotionally this month presents a lot of healing and you will also find that some of those old wounds no longer affect your peace. This is a BIG accomplishment for you and you should be celebrating but you may be focused on your inner thoughts and desires. If you're single you won't be for long and if you are in a relationship there is potential for a new phase that is more spontaneous. Embrace the blessings.

GEMINI - Whatever you're doing career wise right now will see major takeoff this month depending on how hard you are working and how much focus you're putting into that work. You will notice that your mind is racing with ideas and you have so many that you could forget if you're not careful and document them. You will also feel at times you want to do everything but you find that you are held back by some imagination going wild. Try to come back down and only use your imagination to further propel your career. You will explore some new projects or avenues and maybe expand what you do also currently. The rough part of this month revolves around family members and you may find that you are clashing with them and their beliefs. You may want someone who is still holding onto old social conditioning and beliefs to be more open minded and it is possible but you will need to be patient. You can't force them to see something they won't want to see.

CANCER - You are having difficulty right now with your spiritual path and feel at times you're being judged harshly but what you're tuning into is some self created fears that have manifested. Some people are telling you what they think and it could be hard especially if they have tuned into your energy so you will need to decide how open you want to be. Remember that your authenticity could be questioned and your emotions hurt if you are hiding things from others. You can also find that your work this month isn't a great priority like in past months and you may be on the verge of looking for a new avenue. Your greatest comfort is seeking out a teacher or spiritual soul that can help you understand yourself better. Self love is going to be necessary and it all starts with you. Do things that bring you joy and make you feel at one with the universe.

LEO - Your love life is quickly changing and if you are in a relationship you may find that you now realize that you and your partner are not meant to be or that they are behaving strangely and this leads you to question a multitude of things with them. You would like to just push this aside but it will only get stronger throughout the month. Discussions could easily be misinterpreted and arguments could become daily. Try counseling or talk through the situation. If you continue to ignore what is occurring things can potentially get more serious and cause you unhappiness. In your finances, you will also want to save a lot more than you have in past months and you totally can. If you have a pet you may notice this month they are more in tune with the spiritual world and could be acting up more than ever. If they are doing things they've never done before like unusual barking at nothing or just looking into a space where there is nothing that is spirit trying to get your attention and theirs.

VIRGO - You may feel like playing it safe this month. Especially if you have spent money foolishly last month, this month you don't want to repeat this. If you are a chronic shopper and buying things you don't need your space could become cluttered and a partner or family member may bring this to your attention. Donate or give away what you no longer need and this also is a two way blessing. You will help someone else out and you also are cleansing the energy in your space because the cleaner a space is, the higher the vibration for spirit to surround you. You may also decline a romantic invitation with someone because they could be acting very shady or you've come into some information about them that left you with questions that could not be answered. Trust your intuition. Also be sure to reward yourself when you notice that you've done something good.

LIBRA - Nature helps you this month feel more grounded and connected than being indoors. If you are stuck inside me sure to bring some of nature inside with you such as an indoor plant, flowers, etc. Spending too much time away from home could also cause you to get behind on basic tasks and responsibilities like shopping for groceries, paying bills, reviewing mail and much more. You could also wish that your life was simpler but then you wouldn't be unique. Every lesson that you've gone through is to endure your sticking to your life path. Your sleep patterns may also shift this month and either you'll be awake later or you can't go to sleep even if you try. This nervous energy has to do with spirit and how active they are around you. Be sure to sage or use protective crystals to help create a more calmer atmosphere.

SCORPIO - A lot of your past resurfaces at different times this months and makes you emotional. There are some memories too painful to remember but they were a part of your life. You can't erase these but you can make some peace this month. There is potential to learn more about your twin flame if you are single and you may be dreaming of them a lot or feeling their presence closely. Spirit wants you to acknowledge any truth you feel and not shy away from it. This month is also one in which you will work longer hours or do work solo. You may find that taking a solo approach strokes the ego but makes you delayed in accomplishing other tasks, so, be sure to ask for help when needed. A family member will want to take you out or pamper you but there are no strings attached. Enjoy the pampering.

SAGITTARIUS - Inside your mind you could be holding onto some guilt or feel responsible for another's actions. You will have to release these emotions because they are toxic. We all have our own free will and whoever has made wrong decisions it was because of them not you. Even if you feel like you could have prevented things from occurring you probably couldn't. You may also be looking for new work and decide to brush up your interview skills and update your resume. This is an exciting month career wise and many of you may start new jobs but still question if it's right for you. How you feel each day there compared to your last job will help answer that question. If something is not working right now, use your creativity to change the stagnant part.

CAPRICORN - You could be laying down the rules around your family this month. Especially if you have children you may notice they are not listening to abusing some privileges they have. A sense of entitlement surrounds them. You will want to talk it out with them but if they don't change their behavior you will most likely find you are taking drastic actions like taking away some phone or visiting privileges. Be sure your partner is behind you and has your back. Tough love is what it's about. You could also be worried about your finances as setbacks can reveal themselves right now. This could be anything from a broken vehicle or an unexpected expense. Don't take out any frustration on your family but rather find a way to channel this out of you and into the earth. Carry some hematite for grounding and it may help you.

AQUARIUS - If you are feeling defeated it's okay, realize that we all have days and months like this. You are given each day to change things so know that what you can't fix right now can be fixed later. You may also to finally remove some people in your life that contribute to your peace being lost. Although it may be difficult, it's often the difficult choices we make that help us grow the greatest. Another friend may also come to your rescue and help you with something without you having to ask. These are the type of friendships you need to value at this point. Later in the month you could find you're feeling much better and could decide to throw a mini party or celebration with your friends. Outings will result in new people being met.

PISCES - Your attitude this month is different and where you had difficulty understanding why others reacted the way they did last month, you find the answers you need this month. You also will find that spirit is going to toss certain intuition so that you can use your free will to make the best decisions possible. You gain traction in your work place and will also find other work opportunities could present themselves this month. Lot of excitement is taking place and it may be time for a vacation with your family. If you are going on vacation be sure to cover all things that need to be taken care of like bills, house maintenance and etc. You could also find the more eccentric side to you emerges and has you buying things that could be out of the norm for you. Enjoy this liberation you're feeling!

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